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Our Mission



Natural beauty, organic feel, and usefulness are the qualities we desire to be in the crafting of our products. Creations that combine these elements will become the essentials of the home and treasured  heirlooms of the future.

We are excited in our attempts of transporting the simple and practical yet, enduring utensils  of our ancestors into artful creations for present and future generations. Our medium is wood, what we love most is taking rough wood through the jointer and planer to reveal the rich colors and the vibrant te artistic work with quality and integrity that you will enjoy and be able to pass on to coming generations.

xtures that were hidden by the rough exterior. Through the use of both power and hand tools, we create a beautiful item to meet the unique needs and desires of its new owner.  A rewarding challenge for me is the careful layout of the individual parts so that the grain and color create unique works of art .

By combining your interests and our skills, we can create an