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TINA'S TIME Paradise Found

Well, I guess it's a little more like Mayberry than Paradise. But, Gene is Grilling cheeseburgers and we are in our little corner of the world. It really doesn't matter what state you are in; Paradise is a state of mind. By the way, we make a state charcuterie board for all of the states.

We are having a cookout. Gene and I like our burgers fully loaded and that includes Papa Frank's Moonshine Pickles. This week I am leaving the recipe to the experts. Papa Frank comes from West Virginia. I think West Virginians know a little bit about Moonshine, just like Kentuckians know about Bourbon.

Anyway, we are enjoying this beautiful day and eating cheeseburgers in our Paradise. Maybe if I eat enough of these Moonshine Pickles, I will be inspired to write a hit song about Cheeseburgers. LOL Once, I did write a song about Moonshine... well, that's another story.

Happy grilling and I hope you find your own Paradise.

* Papa Franks Moonshine Pickles are available at

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